Organizational Statements

Mission Statement

To lead, develop, and support adult swimming in Canada.

Vision Statement

Every adult swimmer in Canada will be aware of, and have access to, swimming programs and resources that enhance their swimming experience.

Values Statement

Participation and Achievement, Health and Wellness, Fun and Friendship

Tag Line

Better Swimming for all adults

Club List

Masters Swimming Canada is a club based organization and maintains a list of all Masters clubs in the country. The club list includes the name of the club, the short form for the club that should be used in swim meet software, the official club code, which should always be used for the club in meet results, and the city the club is located in. If a club has a web site or club email address these are listed as well. The club email address is for use by the general public. The list also specifies the club member that is the contact between the club and MSC, this person represents the club to Masters Swimming Canada including casting the club's votes in MSC elections.

Note: It is important that meet managers use the official club codes from the club list as the club code is used by the automated rankings and records systems to determine the province that swimmers are registered in.

Club List

MSC Contact Information

The MSC Contacts page contains contact information for the Masters Swimming Canada administrative office, board of directors, staff, and committees.

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