Million Metre Challenge participants have swum 2,944,096,678 metres so far!
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The Million Metre Challenge is a Masters Swimming Canada program designed to promote swimming for health and fitness. The program encourages regular participation through tracking of cumulative distance swum and recognition as the swimmer reaches various milestones.

Registered swimmers record the distance swum in each workout and the system tracks their overall progress and calculates various statistics. When a swimmer reaches a milestone distance they receive the award for that distance.

The basic awards are: a certificate and swim cap at the 100,000m mark, a certificate, swim cap and pin at the 250,000m and 500,000m marks, and badge, pin and swim cap at the 1,000,000m mark. Depending on sponsorships we may add additional promotional awards.

Rather than mailing out awards directly to swimmers as they reach milestones we will be mailing out supplies of awards to clubs to be awarded by the club.

Please read the Million Metre Challenge Rules before starting to enter your distances.

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5,000,000m Swimmers
Pierre Veilleux
Jay London
George Babits
Wendy Babits
Paul Girard
Benoit Chouinard
Patricia Grant
Linda Hunt
Douglas Vanderby
Wieslaw Musial
Paul Boisvert
Christine Charron
Pat Buckley
Andrew Buxton
Marilyn Korzekwa
Louis Wint
Christopher Smith
Brian Leier
Bud Seawright
Robert Yanowski
Justina So
Wendy Duck
E Aslan (Sia)
Janet Downer
Hélène Jacques
Mélanie Côté
Sylvain Chabot
Roy Eldridge
Colleen Nelson
Tom Nowlan
Matthew Williamson
Mark Gallop
Chris Smelt
Elizabeth Smith
Robin D Taylor
Rudolf Megert
Glen Mateer
John Whalen
David Ellis
Janet Mitchell
Elizabeth Stokes
Anna Togias
Nigel Kemp
Bahman Minoo
Barry Lewis
Wenda Dickens
Al Statkevicius
Margaret Bakish
Albert Napast
Chuck Von Zuben
Al Cox
Perry Layton
Jake Nesovic
Marie-Luce Lessard
Sylvie Cloutier
Wendy Wagland
4,000,000m Swimmers
Pierre Schiess
Heather Bruce
Francine Amyot
Raul Fernandez
Debbie Mackenzie
Debra Golob
Richard Belzil
Michael Macpherson
Colleen Shields
Christina Echols
Nathalie Bland
Brent Hobbs
Jean-Louis Nadeau
Ryan Vande Vooren
David Freeman
Bob Groff
Bryan Finlay
Jennifer Patterson
Ann Urquhart
Bonnie Pronk
Martina Brankovsky
Avila Rhodes
Cindy McLeish
Shantha Venugopal
Freeman Churchill
Rodolfo Diaz
Michael Futcher
Glenn Walker
Steve Bloom
John Micks
Bill Chisholm
Lawrie Oliphant
Eileen Gerber
Cindy Bertelink
Allison Turland
Wally Henne
Yvon Corbin
Gregg Thurlbeck
3,000,000m Swimmers
Carla Oliveira
George Milne
Andre Sasseville
Esther MacKinlay
Wade James
Nick Foster
Mark Hunter
Lianne Morissette (Archambault)
Sandy Stafford-Maepea
David Y Wong
Robert Pihlaja
Grant Howell
Mark Forsyth
Carl Leskowsky
Barry Doucette
Francois Leger
Cheryl Seawright
Wayne Selby
Benoit Grenier
Brigitte Zirger
Mark Cutajar
Sandor Mathe
Alison Medaglia
Guy Freve
Paul Thibaudeau
Jennifer Power-Hawrylak
Penny Kelly
David Richards
Carl Cooper
Sarah Marshall
Lynn Rodgers
Juanita Prebble
Paul Bourassa
Marion Wyatt
Tina Heffernan
Jacqueline Odlum
Nicole Lacroix
Jean-Marc Pelletier
Ivan Szasz
Raymond Lajeunesse
Daniel Manny
Dionne Tatlow
Dieter Teschner
Allan Merpaw
John Strang
Rob Ferguson
Charlie Lane
Stephan Leveille
Christina Templeton
Ralph Rieper
Robert Lachance
Edouard Robitaille
Stephen Sorocky
Marie-Jose Dutil
Ralph Chown
Martin Levine
Diana Smith
Jo-Ann Elo
2,000,000m Swimmers
Josée Champagne
Eva Strongman
Taina Sodonis
Jacinthe Senneville
Barbara Johnson
Joanne Christopherson
Ginny Malcolm
Peggy Baxter
Calvin Jacobs
Philip Dodgson
Kyle Avery
Paddy Jones
Rhonda McLean
Ron McKenzie
Gillian Thiessen
Bradley Klinger
Simon Chang
Len van Greuning
Brian Robertson
Tamiko Fry
Brian Mcfarlane
Kalis Rasmussen
Roger Lord
Elsa De Leeuw
Mary Christopher
Yehoram Shenhar
Brian Sheridan
Mojtaba Yousefi
Keith Kendal
Mark Sandilands
Jean-Guy LeBlanc
Rickard Arnold
Gyula Gergely
Jon Coster
Jean Roy
Gail Desjardins
Rob Charland
Cristiane Tinmouth
Renee Boucher
Maria Cherry
Pierre Lacroix
Aldert Dykstra
Lis Farrell
Olivier Maltais
Jerome Roy
Cheryl Tuira
Samir Beyrouti
Arvids Silis
Kelly Lyons
Annette Charron
Kurt Ivison
Michel Normand
Rob Harris
Paul Van Otterdijk
Dennis Geraghty
Christiane Gauthier
Michèle Brunet
Carol-Ann Doucher
Delfina Onisto
Michelle Barnet
Ann Kilby
Patrick Beals
Guy Seh
Marc London
Mark Bonneville
Margot Kyle
Phil Dale
Karen Anderson
Jeffrey Thornton
Kendrick Hamilton
Denise Morel
Melanie Price
Brendan Rose
Laura Young
Lindsay Patten
Gisele LeBlanc
Jonathan Wyatt
Patricia Murphy
Deborah Pinard
Katherine Blanchard
Ernest Schleichkorn
Bernard Lessard
Cliff Steer
Jenn Strang
Monique Bisson
Marc Melis
Ted Willmer
Zaid Saeed Kamil
Marc Tardif
Karlene Clapham
Roger Barker
Troy Rhoades
Jessica Grosman
Bill P
Steve Horton
Jan Schmidt
Josée Lévesque
1,500,000m Swimmers
Vladimir Shutov
Theo Manley
Bob Robinson
Angele Ross
Nathalie Boivin
Frederic Gagne
Sharon Nease
Carlos Costa
Martine Girard
Ian Stuart
Paul Mathias
Jean-Francois Leveille
Marie-Therese Igartua
Margaret Symon-Lungal
Nancy Waterman
Andy Ji
Sébastien Morel
Jacey Bennett
Cuthbert Cheung
Tony Hoft
Linda Babins
Gordon Wilson
Arthur Savage
Julie Steele
Heather Avery
Deborah Floden
Dominique AMYOT
Lisa Osterland
Ellen Newbold
Josee Leclerc
Shelli Zelsman
Christine Bergeron
Ian Macdonald
Jennifer Nearing
Lucie Couillard
Alexandre Harvey
Jack So
Henriette Janelle
Gladys Willmer
Daniel Wells
Martine Allard
Carolyn Rowe- Turner
David Anderson
Rick Van Waterschoot
Anny Lefebvre
Patrick Hache
Claudia Sperling
Paul Duffield
Peter Doig
Simon Cloutier
Caroline Dion
Janis Warne
Bruce Calkin
Denise MacDonald
Eric Morel
Phred Martin
Manon De Ladurantaye
Alida Brichon
Sandra Beaulac
David Carlson
Carolyn Peppin
Mary Brown
Paul Miller
Tony Pease
Christine Cyr
Oliver Loten
Jennifer Tummonds
Kevin Dee
Enrico Torlaschi
Tim Scapillato
Cheryl Duckworth
Bonnie Smith
Lenka Bubenickova
1,000,000m Swimmers
Ken Kam
Diane Maguire
Tom Naylor
Susan LeBaron
Laurie Howland
Jocelyne Jodoin
Judith Gidluck
Eric Gralnick
Stephen Peslar
Allison Gurnham
Jeanette Hoft
Candace Burtch
Kevin Murray
Linda Jomphe
Tania Edwards
Mike Chambers
Steven Goodwin
Daniel Piché
Patrick Parenteau
Daniel Salée
Louise Dalphond
John Sawchuk
Anita Billing
Jean-Philippe Labbé
Dominique Biron
Daryl Morris
Nancy Gilbert
Vivian Jennings
Joanne Hormann
Michael Kenny
Jacques Drouin
Michael Sears
Kathy Moggridge
Patricia Woodruff
Janine Boivin
Édith Croft
Sue Deacon
Olga Andriewsky
Heather Young
Elizabeth Koersen
Michael Lutchman
Angela Adams
Chris Harrington
Martin Simard
Monika Ferenczy
Diane Brisebois
Gary Weiss
Kim McCluskie
Dwayne Armstrong
Edie Hilts
Marj Walton
Monique Russo
Andrea Ford
Linda Benn
Sue Poulton
Cathy Schneider
Jocelyne Moreau
Greg Giesbrecht
Richard Gregoire
Pat Blakely
France Morin
Krista Egan
Barry Deane
Teri York
Jairo Viafara
Kirsti Kontor
Carolyn MacLeod
Christopher Mercer
Javier Urdanivia
Marielle Bordua
Tracy Wright
Gail MacDowall
David Zayonc
Kate Rieper
Alanna Mason
Sue Phippen
Alexandre Poitras
Peter Evans
Karen McCreath
Ron Yoshida
Photoless Million Metre Swimmers

Please your photos!

La Fontaine Lepine Sylvie
Christine Bogie
Fernando Camacho
Jeff Bueckert
Lorraine Tellier
Nathan Archibald
Sharon Lyons
Adrian VandenDungen
Christopher Nagy
Fiona Caskie
Jennifer Dimitroff
Louise Arkle
Neil Crofts
Sharon Norton
Agnes Murphy
Christopher de Laat
Frances McIntosh
Jennifer Gardiner
Louise Bergeron
Nicholas Gilbert
Sheila Riggs
Agnes Porasz
Chrystian Gauvin
Francine Comeau
Jennifer Levett
Louise Paquet
Nick Leak
Sheila Treleaven
Alain Lamarre
Chuck Armitage
Francine Hotte
Jennifer Reid
Lydie Bernard
Nick Mosienko
Sheryl King-Reimer
Alain Thauvette
Chuck Cundari
Francine Rivest
Jessica Houtsma
Lynda Robitaille
Nicola Tory
Shirley Myers
Alasdair Mackintosh
Claude Belzile
Francine Vickery
Jim Talbot
Lynn Maguire
Nicole Bennett
Silvia Wyjad
Alex (Sandy) MacMillan
Claudia Lafond
Fred Stock
Jo-Anne Oswald
Lynn Yearwood
Nicole F. Bernier
Silvie Savoie
Alex Muir
Colin Coombs
Frederic Vromet
Joanne Frolek
Mae Waldie
Nicole Pignatelli
Simon Cliche
Alexandra Mirkovic
Colleen Chiki
Gabrielle van der Velde
Joanne Garlough
Mani Shahrokni
Nicole Seguin
Simon Durham
Alexandre Lorrain
Colleen Flanagan
Gail Whittaker
Joanne Kelly
Marc Grenier
Nigel Mayo
Sonja Gates
Alicia Daley
Conny Stamhuis
Gary Kennedy
Joanne Skalos
Marc Tremblay
Niloufar Saeedi
Sophie Roy
Aline Levi
Conrad Nadeau
Gary Vanderwal
Joanne Stickle
Marc Vaillancourt
Normand Williams
Sophie Thauvette
Allison Tipler
Craig Denstedt
Gayle Grout
Jodi Brennan
Marcel Blackburn
Normand vachon
Stephanie Dimitroff
Ami Trauber
Craig Slater
Genevieve Mackwood
Jodi Schnare
Marcela de Laat
Odile Kapfer
Stephen Dodge
Andre Despatie
Craig Stroyan
Geneviève Roy
Joe Bailey
Marcus Owen
Olivier Benrubi
Stephen Fox
Andre Lauzon
Cynthia Pincott
George Dyker
Joel Palmer
Margaret Forster
Owen Brown
Stephen Knaack
Andrea D Alessio
Céline Grondin
George Gavrel
Johane Normandeau
Margaret McLaughlin
Pamela Kalas
Stephen Ott
Andrew Howard
D. Eby
Gillian McDowell
Johanna Campbell
Margie Sanderson
Paola Bozzer
Stephen Ricketts
Andrew Strachan
Dale Robinson
Gladys Hambrook
Johanne Lachance
Maria De Koninck
Paolina Allan
Steve Marsh
Andrew Vajda
Dan Kwan
Gleb Diyachenko
John Kerr
Marie-claude Bilodeau
Pasquantonio Rosa
Steve Papai
Andréa Séguin
Dan Montgomery
Glen Bannon
John King
Marily Mearns
Patrice Dor
Steven Bacher
Andrée Théorêt
Daniel Hetu
Glen Stickle
John Michael Murray
Mario Laberge
Patricia Angus
Sue Weir
Andy Mitchell
Daniel Tremblay
Gordon Alexandre KNOWLES
John Philippe Schuman
Mark Langdon
Patricia Macpherson
Susan Brooker
Angela Walker
Danielle Daudelin
Gordon Brost
John St. Marseille
Mark Oldham
Patrick Delaney
Susan Pearen
Anita Ott
Danny Soucy
Graeme Newbury
John Stibrany
Mark Shibata
Paul Garcia
Susan Reed
Ann Kouri
Danny Vear
Graham Pincott
John Waddington
Mark Speevak
Paul Haffenden
Susan Smith
Anna Perri
Danny Walmsley
Greenwald Susan
Jon Rysdon
Mark Tolley
Paul Harris
Suzanne Dostaler
Anne Girard
Darcy Blais
Greg Rapp
Jonathan Budau
Martha MacLeod
Paul Matte
Suzanne Morin
Anne-Marie Houle
Dave Clark
Greg Rooney
Joy Goertzen
Martin Girard
Paul Rockwood
Suzanne Pietschmann
Arden Furlotte
David Amundrud
Guylaine Barnes
Joy Hargreaves
Martine Longtin
Paul Wilkins
Suzanne Welbourn
Ariane Waddell
David Cao
Gérard Marcil
Joy Richman
Mary Caravias
Paula Cooley
Swim Slow
Avi Mednick
David Goodwin
Hans Porten
Judie Oliver
Mary Flegel
Paulette Espinosa
Sylvie Letarte
Barbara Goldman
David Kraitberg
Heather Birenbaum
Judy Iannucci
Mary Lovelace
Peri Howlett
Sylvie Potvin
Ben Van Den Bosch
David Moore
Heather Cooke
Judy Maisey
Mary Phillips
Peter Talbot
Taina Wilson
Bendy Tingley
David Saunders
Helen Morley
Julie Leclerc
Mary Scott
Petra Haneberry
Tara Norris
Benjamin Davies
David Tait
Helena Lui
Justin Goulding
Maryanne Hardman
Phaedra Kennedy
Tara Wright
Benoit Alary
David Tree
Helene Roy
Justyna Wysocka
Massimo Tarulli
Philip Duggan
Taren Gesell
Benoit Castonguay
David Wiseman
Hendrik Saaltink
Kanstantsin Famin
Matei Petrescu
Pierre Dussault
Teresa Small
Betty Lou Pound
Dawn Orr
Henri-Paul Ruelland
Karen Cunningham
Megan Dodge
Pierre Felix
Terra Manca
Bianca Basso
Deana Schildkraut
Hideo Maruki
Karen Fradette
Melanie Leverick
Pierre Pilon
Terri MacDougall
Bill Jenkins
Debbie Barton
Hugh Ferguson
Karin Welz
Melanie Rousseau
Pierre Rousseau
Terri Corso
Bill Westcott
Deborah Robertson
Hugh McGregor
Karina Younk
Melissa Nelson
Pierre St-Amant
Terry Brodie
Bonnie Kwan
Denise Boisclair
Hélène Hébert
Karolyn Vear
Merissa Nudelman
Rachelle Ferguson
Thomas Barber
Bradley Bill
Dennis Maloney
Ian Loughrey
Kate Bayne
Michael Fraser
Ralph Brown
Tim Floyd
Brenda McIntyre
Denyse Cowling
Ian MacInnis
Katherine Henry
Michael Doyle
Randy Noah
Tim Moffat
Brenda Saaltink
Diana Leech
Ian Stewart
Katherine Hope
Michael Garrett
Raymond Imbeault
Tina Nadeau
Brent Harvey
Diane Bailey
Ian Sutherland
Katherine Saulnier
Michael Harvey
Refik Mujanovic
Tina Nuspl
Brian Brighton
Diane Clark
Ilka Lowensteyn
Kathleen Guay
Michael Kehle
Renaud Boudreau
Tina Woollings
Briand Gaudet
Diane Duggan
Irene Pett
Kathryn Ruhland
Michael McKend
Rene Lauzon
Tineke Bertelink
Brochu Annie
Diane Eller
Irene Rey
Kathy Heard
Michael McMurray
Richard Lane
Todd Edwards
Bronwen Mantel
Diane Smart
Jack Borenstein
Kathy McKnight
Michael Shtull
Richard Prytula
Todd Phillips
Bryce Ian Fleming
Diane Szabo
Jack Lui
Kathy Rattray
Michael Stamhuis
Rick Amodeo
Tom Leger
Burrows John
Diane Thibault
Jackie Stadnyk
Katrina Murphy
Michael Sweny
Rob Davis
Tonya Gorkoff
Caitlin Gordon
Dieter Gamm
Jacqueline Fitzgerald
Kelleen Haftner
Michel Bouchard
Robert Fraser
Tracey Stone
Cal Goodger
Donald Gibbings
Jacquie Armstrong
Kelli Thornton
Michel Desy
Robert Gaspari
Tracey Sutton
Carla St-Germain
Doris McEwan
James Douglas Hall
Kelly Imada
Michel Lechasseur
Robin Berlyn
Trent Peden
Carlos Aviles
Doug LeGallais
James Hooper
Ken Hiebert
Micheline Gaudet
Robyn Toffolo
Trina Harper
Carmen Fitzpatrick
Doug Robinson
James Parker
Kenneth Williams
Michelle Blanchet
Roger Massy
Veronique Seguin
Carol Cameron
Douglas Blakely
James Sabourin
Kevin Buckley
Michelle Lawrence
Roland Ritchot
Victor Dimitroff
Carol Chappell
Duko Sergiy
Jan Pol
Kim Lumsdon
Michelle Tapson
Rosalyn Millar
Victoria Wonnacott
Carol Mulholland
Edie Fisher
Jan Rogers
Krista Ferlatte
Michèle Lemay
Rose Szittner
Vincent Simard
Carol Pilon
Edwidge Munn
Jane Dowd
Krista Petrie-Wallace
Mika Sato
Rosemary Kelsall
Virginia C. Lane
Carole Herbert
Eileen Herbert
Jane Halton
Kristeen Cooper
Mike Cooke
Ross Brown
Vivian Wong
Carolyn Boudreau
Elaine Hines
Jane Noble
Kristina McIlwaine
Mike Dowling
Roxanne Richer
W. Brian A. Davies
Casey Jacob
Elizabeth C
Jane Smith
Landriault Robert
Mike Maguire
Ruth Phillips
Wanda Burton
Caspar Haupt
Elizabeth Dineen
Janet Crawford
Larry Peeters
Mike Seymour
Sally Boulding
Wayne Deitel
Catherine Belanger
Elizabeth Glover
Janet Heikoop
Lauren Westmacott
Mireille Grégoire
Sandra Fox
Wayne Riggs
Catherine Brown
Elizabeth Mallett
Janet Lefebvre
Laurence Carrier
Mirko Petrov
Sandra Judd
Wendy Shulman
Catherine Bureau
Elizabeth Moultray
Jason Krupp
Laurie Davis
Monique Dutil
Sandy Briggs
Wilma Pidhayny
Catherine Merritt
Elizabeth Taylor
Jean Fortier
Laurie Line Lallemand Raymond
Morinville Carole
Sarah Monaco
Yvan Tardif
Chantal Gagnon
Enrico Quilico
Jean Lacombe
Laurie Winder
Morven Inglis
Scott Armstrong
Yves Lavoie
Chantal Mageau-Pinard
Erda Dillinger
Jean Lacoursière
Lee Shimano
Moumou Moumou
Scott Cosper
Yvon Castonguay
Chantal Marcotte
Eric Glawdecki
Jean-François Lécuyer
Leona Jacobs
Nadene Shirtliff
Scott Day
Yvonne Ouellette
Charles Millet
Eric Oliver
Jean-Marc Civalleri
Lesley Chisholm
Nadia Salon
Scott Gibson
Zegray Michele
Christian Berger
Erin Banton
Jean-Pierre Le Blanc
Lesley Dusevic
Nancy Bluteau
Sean McAllister
Christian Cabana
Etienne Beaule
Jean-Sébastien Quesnel
Leslie Glazerman
Nancy Levesque
Sean OBrien
Christian Lambert
Ewa Gawlik
Jeanne Carlsen
Liliane Cardinal
Nancy Thibault
Serge Dagenais
Christian Turgeon
Fabrice Dinh
Jeanne Pilote
Linda Eden
Natalia Derbentseva
Serge Gauthier
Christina Neumann
Fanny Sarabia
Jeanne Schriel
Linda MacPherson
Nathalie Belair Jones
Serge Lamarre
Christine Aube
Ferme Joanne
Jed Churcher
Line Goulet
Nathalie Wilson
Seth Cole
750,000m Swimmers
Alan Johnstone Chuck Bezanson George Gross Josee Bourgeois Lucie Lafond Nancy ONeill Scott Weston
Alan Medcalf Cindy Bassel Gerald Benger Josee Chapdelaine Lynda Gaudiuso Naomi Balardelle Sharon McConnell
Alana Slater Clark Evans Germain Bilodeau Josee Duquet Lynn Holden Natalie Bayley Sharon Wood-Anderson
Alex Sherwood Claude Nolin Glen MURPHY Julie Lorrain Lynne Allin Nathalie Lévesque Sharyn Richardson
Alicia Dibben Claudel Bélisle Gord Lemon Kara Montalbetti Mairi MacGregor Nikola Petrovic Shauna Sedgewick
Andrea Bravo Claudio Cumetti Greg Streppel Karen Hoyland Marie-Eve Beaurivage Oleg Loutochin Shawn Alipanah
Andrei Tselichtchev Cliff Gentle Harold Henning Karen Timmerman Marjolaine Flaherty Olenka McKee Shawn V Amberman
Anita Doppenberg Dale Patterson Harriett McNeill Karina Mattaliano Mark Grodski Pam Buhr Shelley Svidal
Ann Dupont Dan Johnson Heather Sommerville Keith Barrett Mark Milliken Paul Champion-Demers Shirley Dacey
Anna Chu Daniel Cortes Helen Campbell Kimberley Aslett Marti Maguire Paul St-Jean Simon Blouin
Anne-Claire Marcotte Daniel Philippon Huizhong (Joan) Qi Kirsten Wilson Martin Roy Paula Trattner Stan Stapleford
Arnie Johnston Darryl Dutton Hélène Mailloux Lara Gibson Martin van Driel Pierre Francou Stephane Couture
Arthur Hall David Albert Ibrahim Attieh Laura Goodman Mary Brinklow Randy McCluskie Stephane Thomas
Barrie Malloch David Perry Isabelle Deschênes Leora Dahl Maureen Moustgaard Rebecca Scott Susan Pinker
Bernard Brouillet Deborah van Wyck Isabelle Gagnon Leslie King Melissa Anagnostopoulos René Brault Susan Selby
Berniece Saunders Denis Martel James Day Liam OBrien Melissa Pak Riley Sleeman Sylvie Rossignol
Bill Collins Denise Westcott Jamie Rubenovitch Liane Patsula Melony Teague Rob Goldwax Tanya Dutton
Bob Norris Devon Peavoy Janet Manuel Linda Browning Morrow Meredith Evans Rob Harvey Tap Aavasalmi
Brad Oconnell Diana Thibodeau Jasmine Farha Linda Perron Michael Mandel Robert Diewold Ted Macdonald
Brent Schurman Dominic Nadon Jason Smith Lipski Agnes Michael Payne Robert Masih Trevor Connors
Brian Davies Donna Hart Jean-Francois McCutcheon Lisa Gable Michele Herley-Tremblay Roma Breen Victoria Alexander
Brian Hurlburt Duane Flowers Jean-François GILBERT Lisa Morch Michele Mayer Ron Armstrong Vincent Poitout
Bruno Degrigny Elizabeth Keachie Jeff Christofferson Lise Denis Michelle Juffermans Ron George Wendy Buckner
Bruno Morency Eric Allain Jeff Hennings Lori Hanson Mira Miller-Couillard Rosalind Davis Wendy Loucks
Carl Larocque Eric Bernard Jensen Thomas Lori Roy Miriam Deraspe Ryan Dineen Wendy Pinder
Carol Taylor Gapp Philippe Joanne Williams Louise Cinq-mars Monika Roschlaub Sally O'Brien William Broughton
Carolyn Prebble Gatan Duplain John Convey Louise Desjardins Monique Dubord Sandra MacKinnon-Perry Yves Decoste
Catherine Zwicker Genevieve Bettez John Jorgensen Louise Michaud Muriel Carlyle Sandra Terranova Zandra Bainas
Cheryl Stewart Geoffrey Barry John Wiley Louise Savoie Myles Taylor Sarah Gallagher  
500,000m Swimmers
Aaron Christopher Carlton Moore Donald Davies Janna Young Lester Davis N. Boutet Stephane Faure
Ada Lou Watson Carol Fitzwilliam Donna Aggarwal Jason Alston Linda Burton Nancy Slater Stephane Milette
Adrian Lee Carol Fournier Ed Trevisan Jason Hiebert Lindsey Wilkins Naomi Pickrem Stephane Sabourin
Adriana Patino Carol Gagné Elisa Hoover Jean Rannie Lisa Terziyan Nathalie Desrosiers Stephanie Howes
Adrien David Caroline Perron Eric Thibault Jean-Francois Dallaire Lise Dubé Caron Nathalie Lacroix Stephanie Wright
Alain Gounon Carolyn Henderson Ezio Del Zotto Jean-Pierre Ravary Liz Debackere Nathalie Porlier Steve Castonguay
Alan Demuth Carolyn Juman Fran?ois Legault Jeffrey Rodgers Liza Parry Neil Gibson Steve Dafoe
Alexandra Foucher Cassio Miada Francine Jodoin Jennifer Foster Lois Adams Nicola Elkins Stéphane Sylvain
Allister Kilpatrick Catherine Jean Francis Corbin Corbin Jennifer Mccleneghan Lorette Belland Nicole Kurtz Sue Westheuser
Andrea Burns Chantal Rioux Francois Fortin Jessica Pelletier Lori Flood Nicole Lafleur Susan Koloditzky
Andrew Desbarats Chantal Venne Frank Mcmanus Jianchun Zhang Louise Lalonde Nicole LeBlanc Susan Menary
Andria Brickman Cheryl Starr Gabriel Krozkin Jill Leon Louise Leclerc Nicole O'Brien Susan Morrison
André Gionet Chris Whyte Gabrielle Finlayson Joanna Lam Luc Bertrand Norm McKee Suzanne Carpentier
Anita Payne Christian Croft Gail Pozniak Jodi Milne Lucien Bolduc Norm Quesnel Suzanne Long
Anita Stranzl Christine Hansler Gary ONeill John C. Dacuk Lynn Verner Norma Jean Williams Suzie Buteau
Ann Clarke Christine McLean Gayle Webber Joni Blanshard Marc Amyot Oliver Cordoba Sylvain Levesque
Ann Marie Baranyk Christine Watke Genevi?ve Paquet Joshua Reid Marc Desjardins Pascale Landriault Sylvia Donato
Ann Walling Christopher Hopgood George Peppin Josée Bienvenue Marc-André Verreault Patricia Richards Sylvia Reiter
Anna Leskowsky Claire Daigle Giancarlo Lembo Judy Lebans Marceline Caissie Patrick Trainor Sylvia Renneberg
Anna Orzechowska Claude Turcot Gilles Caissie Judy Sheluk Margaret Day Patti Walker Talia Profit
Anna-Lise Cooke Claudine Ducharme Glad Bryce Julia Armstrong Marianna Koljubakin Paul Boulding Tammy shaule
Annabelle Therriault Claudio Avila Glen Fisher Julia Ratkay Marie-Claude Gingras Pauline Surkan Tanya Smith
Annick OShaughnessy Colin Simpkin Guylaine Malenfant Kara Sabean-Archibald Marie-France Grenier Peter Niklas Terence Koritz
Arthur Keyfitz Colleen Purcell Gwen Norkus Karen Killeen Marie-Hélène Morin Peter Straka Terry Chappell
BJ Coflin Collette Shanner Heather Brookes Karen Peters Marlene Turbide Peter Van Velzen Tim Rienstra
Barbara Mittermaier Craig Duncan Heather Davies Karen Strangways Marney Swayze Philippa Spoel Todd Childerhose
Barry Yetman Daniel Deschenes Hin Lun Lee Karen Thompson-Bell Martin Bouchard Randy Cocek Tracey Doyle
Ben Kendel Daniel Morin Hugues Dionne Karl-Heinz Merschenz Martin Bussières Rennie Benedict Tracie McDonald
Benoît Lacroix Daniel Tremblay Hébert Henry Kathryn Bellinger Martin Gonthier Renée Michaud Tracy Guimond
Bette El-Hawary Danielle Roy Ian Cule Kathryn Lefebvre Martin Leger Richard J.P. Una Brandreth
Bill Daoussis Darren Seibel Ian Dawson Kathy Leduc Martin Stefanczyk Roberto Figueroa Vincent Lavoie
Bill Hubers David Collier Ian Feldman Katrina MacInnes Martin Valois Roch Chartrand Violaine Paiement
Blair Pritchett David Ford Ian Poitras Kelly Zwicker Martinson Caroline Roger Hospedales Warren Hulme
Bob Cassidy David Kruse Ian Wogrinetz Kenneth Morris Mary-Joy Klein Ross Nicholson Warren Rowntree
Brad Weiss Dean Derby Isabelle Lacasse Ket Cole Mary-Stewart Ross Roxane Coppens William Johnson
Brenda Drake Deborah Finniear Jackie Lulich Kim Buchanan McGregor Davidson Ruth MacLean Yann Grenon
Brenda Quesnel Deborah Nunn Jackie Shurtleff Kim Élaine Gosselin Melissa Ledoux Ryan Saw Manzanilla Yannick Teresiak
Brent Trevisan Debra Liebrock Jacques Levesque Kristen Schneider Michael Christie Sally Gilbert Yvette McCartney
Brian Tatlock Delia Courmanopoulos James (Jet) Takaoka Kristin Iliffe Michael Friedman Sandra Carson-McGuire Yvonne Cheng
Bridgett Norman Denise Logan James Perkins Lapointe Julien Michel Auger Sara Wood Zig Latosik
Bridie McCann Diane Dalpé James Ross Larry Bell Michel Gagne Sarah Westfield Zoran Kostadinovic
Brigitte Perras Diane Harper Jamie Farkas Laura MacPherson Michel Marmen Sean McElhinney Émilie Labrosse
Bruce Hancock Diane MOREL Jamie Tyrell Laurence Alexander Mickey Stokotelny Serge Bélanger  
Bryan Dixon Diane Perron Jane Waring Leah Collison Mike Vokins Sharon Cockerton  
Cait Jones Dianne Escude Jane Yardley Lefebvre Johanne Mike van de Water Shelley Cabico  
Candace Murray Dianne Robinson Janet Erwood Len Martel Millie Bishop Shirley Yeung  
Carl Bernatchez Don Cook Janice Winfrey Les R Mireille Plamondon Stefanie Lee  
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Adam Schjott Charles Penny Denise Lebrun Jessica Sawchuk Marie-Eve Simard Robert Karanofsky Sue MacLeod
Alain Vautier Chris Yuen Diane Ruffell Joe Veryard Marielou Verge Ron Miller Sue Morrison
Alison Crepnjak Christian Desrosiers Doug Layton Johanne Richard Marjon Zambon Ruby Prince Sylvain Messier
Amelie Roy Christina Burton Edith Girard John Maclean Maryse St-Onge Russell Hillis Tanya Kenny
Amira Mohamed Christine Cardinal Frederic Wallman Julie Gauthier Mathieu Morin Sabrina Carroll Ted Lawson
Andree Leduc Christine Shoebottom Gabrielle Bélanger-Fafard June Mason Matt Lockett Sacha Thompson Thomas Cramer
Andrew Haley Christopher Mathisen Gill Marshall Kevin Wigginton Michael Shafirka Sean Moore Tony Zezza
Aziz Mohamed Claire Daoust Ginny Mace Larry Bobbett Nancy Gribben Shaun Morrow Verna Mullins
Barbara Houghton Dalia Ben-shoshan Graham Bullock Laura Garrett Natalie Therriault Simon Chang Zlatan Ljubijankic
Barbara Sibbald Daoust Marc Grant Kerr Laurel Louden Neil Gilley Steeve Ferland kimberley Davis
Brenda Rust Darrell Carson Greg Harris Laurine Goerzen Nick Childs Stephanie Gauthier  
Carol Wagner David Tucker Guy MacLeod Lindsay Watt Nicole Helsberg Stephen Ellemo  
Carolyn Arsenault Dawn Gruchy Helen Raven Lucie Labbé Patricia Brossoit Steve Girard  
Chantal Boucher Dean Mackie Jacques LeBlanc Marc Graveline Peter Terp Steve Lavoie  
Chantal Thompson Deb Small Jennifer Boisjoli Marge Brownie Rene Sutton Pronovost Steve Murray  
Annual Totals
Total metres per swimmer for: 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
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Club Totals for December 2016
Nepean Masters Swim Club (86,925m)
U of Saskatchewan Masters (9,400m)
Trillium Y Masters Swim Club (82,625m)
Burlington Masters Swim Club (9,000m)
Maitres Pointe-Claire Masters (76,200m)
Thornhill Masters Aquatic Club (9,000m)
Halifax Chronos Masters SC (61,800m)
Salmon Arm Waves Masters (8,500m)
Aurora Master Ducks (60,300m)
McGill Masters Swim Club (8,400m)
Loups Marins, Riviere-du-Loup (55,400m)
Gooey Tubes (8,000m)
Westmount YMCA Masters (54,000m)
Ol'Henrys Masters (7,700m)
Regina Masters Swim Club (46,450m)
Burlington YMCA Masters (7,600m)
Sainte-Foy Haute-Saint-Charles (42,700m)
Maîtres Nageurs Beauport (7,200m)
Laurentian Masters Swim Club (33,950m)
Maîtres Lasalle (6,800m)
Halifax CGC Clippers (33,150m)
Brock Niagara Masters (6,000m)
Etobicoke Olympium Masters AC (32,300m)
Moncton H2O (5,900m)
North York Gators (29,170m)
CN Neptune de St-Jérôme (5,900m)
Delta Retreads Masters (27,400m)
Summerland Orca Masters (5,800m)
La Vague de Brossard (26,850m)
Unattached Nova Scotia (5,800m)
Calgary Masters Swim Club (26,700m)
Downtown Swim Club (5,800m)
Manitoba Masters Aquatic Club (25,100m)
C.N. Montmagny (5,750m)
Montréal À Contre-Courant (25,000m)
North Toronto Masters SC (5,500m)
Club Aquatique Montreal (24,200m)
Barrie Trojan Masters (5,350m)
UBC Masters Swim Club (23,750m)
Cobourg Y Barricudas (5,200m)
North Shore Masters (23,700m)
Club de Natation CSQ (5,150m)
Cote Saint Luc Aquatics (23,600m)
Assiniboine Masters Swim Club (4,850m)
Rocky Island Masters Swimming (21,850m)
Red Deer Masters (4,700m)
Middlesex Swimming (21,300m)
Unattached New Brunswick (4,600m)
UNB Masters Swim Club (19,800m)
Kamloops Sunstrokes (4,600m)
Cobra Masters Swimming (19,500m)
London Silver Dolphins Masters (4,400m)
No club designated (19,404m)
Dogwood Masters Swim Club (4,300m)
1000 Islands Y Swim Masters (19,400m)
Kenora Masters (4,000m)
Maîtres Chateauguay (19,250m)
Foothills Masters Swim Club (3,850m)
Arnprior Greyfish (19,200m)
Chutes-de-la-Chaudiere (3,800m)
Victoria Masters Swim Club (18,150m)
Shuswap Swimming Masters Team (3,300m)
Okanagan Masters Swim Club (17,750m)
Revelstoke Masters Swim Club (3,200m)
Norseman Masters Swim Club (17,200m)
Prince Rupert Swim Club (3,200m)
Mid Can Masters Swim Club (16,750m)
Penguin Masters Swimming (3,000m)
UofT Mississauga Masters (16,500m)
The Ontario Masters Swimmers (3,000m)
Nanaimo Ebbtides (15,800m)
Les Riverains de Levis (3,000m)
Club de natation de Gatineau (15,500m)
Gagetown-Oromocto Titans (2,900m)
Les 100 Maîtres (15,100m)
Maîtres Nageurs de D.D.O (2,830m)
Thunder Rays (15,100m)
White Rock Wave (2,800m)
Dartmouth Whalers Masters (14,850m)
Club Nautilus de Matane (2,700m)
Unik Pont-Rouge (14,500m)
Kiwanis Masters (2,600m)
Élite de Longueuil (14,350m)
Soo Polar Bears Masters (2,600m)
Lethbridge Masters Swim Club (14,300m)
Semiahmoo Masters Swim Club (2,550m)
Cowichan Aquannis Masters (13,900m)
Cornwall Sea Lions Masters (2,500m)
Stittsville ViciousFishMasters (13,700m)
Maîtres Ste-Foy (2,500m)
Club Maîtres-Nageurs de Quebéc (13,350m)
Hyack Masters Burnaby (2,500m)
Sackville Masters (12,450m)
Fredericton Y Ancient Mariners (2,425m)
Edmonton Masters Swim Club (12,350m)
Oakville Masters Swim Club (2,400m)
Alberta Marlin Aquatic Masters (12,200m)
St. Albert Masters Swim Club (2,300m)
B-Train (12,000m)
Maîtres St-Lambert (2,200m)
Unattached Ontario (11,800m)
Maîtres-Nageurs Saguenay (2,200m)
Technosport Swim & Tri Club (11,450m)
Hyde Creek Masters (2,100m)
Trent Swim Club (10,700m)
Victoria Crystal Silver Streak (2,000m)
Summerside Masters (10,500m)
Richmond Hill Masters SC (1,950m)
Maîtres St-Laurent (9,600m)
St. Laurent Sharks Masters (1,900m)
New Glasgow Waverunners (9,600m)
Town Of Newmarket Masters (1,850m)
Perth Stingrays Masters (9,550m)
Lake Ontario Swim Team (1,700m)
Ancaster Masters Swim Club (9,450m)
115 clubs participating.
Club Totals for:
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Data by province
Top 20 for December 2016
Swimmer Total Workouts Club
Pierre Veilleux 22,000m 5 Sainte-Foy Haute-Saint-Charles
Paul Girard 15,000m 3 Halifax CGC Clippers
Trevor Connors 12,000m 3 B-Train
Stephen Sorocky 11,300m 3 Etobicoke Olympium Masters AC
Alex (Sandy) MacMillan 10,550m 3 Nepean Masters Swim Club
Landriault Robert 10,500m 3 Club de natation de Gatineau
Barry Lewis 10,250m 3 Edmonton Masters Swim Club
Michael Garrett 9,600m 3 New Glasgow Waverunners
Yuan Chen 9,500m 3 Westmount YMCA Masters
Dawn Orr 9,300m 2 Cobra Masters Swimming
Sheila Treleaven 9,200m 3 Middlesex Swimming
Scott Day 9,000m 3 Halifax Chronos Masters SC
Wendy Duck 9,000m 3 Aurora Master Ducks
Greg Rapp 8,700m 2 Aurora Master Ducks
Rob Davis 8,600m 2 Calgary Masters Swim Club
Melissa Pak 8,500m 2 UBC Masters Swim Club
Jennifer Gardiner 8,500m 3 Regina Masters Swim Club
Wenda Dickens 8,450m 2 Mid Can Masters Swim Club
Matei Petrescu 8,400m 2 McGill Masters Swim Club
Calvin Jacobs 8,300m 2 Maîtres Chateauguay
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2008: Jan Feb Mar April May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
2007: Jan Feb Mar April May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
2006: Jan Feb Mar April May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
2005: Sept Oct Nov Dec
Fly Back Breast Free Kick
Mike Dowling775
Andrea Chernin675
Wenda Dickens625
albert napast600
Josée Bienvenue500
Marilyn Korzekwa500
Édouard Robitaille450
Christine Dubuc400
Jonathan Budau350
Patrice Bazzana337
Wendy Duck325
Eric Morel300
Paul Girard6600
Carl Leskowsky3800
Wendy Duck2625
Bryan Finlay1600
Wenda Dickens1500
Sandy MacMillan1400
Grant Howell1100
guylaine malenfant625
John MacLean625
Édouard Robitaille550
Josée Bienvenue500
Rick Arnold500
Bryan Finlay1600
Louis Wint1000
Wenda Dickens525
Josée Bienvenue500
Jean-Francois Lecuyer500
Mike Dowling500
Édouard Robitaille450
yvon corbin450
Jonathan Budau350
Patrice Bazzana337
Melissa George325
Mike Garrett9600
John Waddington8100
Brian Sacho6800
Paul Girard6600
Wendy Duck5625
Marilyn Korzekwa5500
Kathleen Taylor5300
Don Currie5050
Stéphane Faure5000
Melissa George4925
Dominique Amyot4900
Karen Killeen4750
Alan Johnstone4200
Sandy MacMillan3300
Paul Girard1800
Joan Qi1800
Wenda Dickens1650
Stéphane Faure1400
Brian Sacho1200
Candace Burtch1000
Allan Merpaw1000
Jean-Francois Lecuyer1000
Mike Dowling1000
albert napast900